So you have looked at the products on our website and you would like to find out a little more about the awnings we offer or maybe you are struggling to choose.  We have created this download section to assist you on your journey, please feel free to download the resources free of charge.  Please don't forget we are here to help, so do contact us if you require any further assistance.


Lakeland Awning Brochures

Lakeland Awnings Outdoor Living Guide.JP

Outdoor Living Guide

Lakeland Awnings Brochure.JPG

Lakeland Awnings Brochure

Lakeland Patio Roof Brochure.JPG

Lakeland Patio Roof Brochure

Lakeland Glass Solutions Brochure.JPG

Lakeland Glass Solutions Brochure

Weinor Awning Brochures

Weinor Awnings Brochure.JPG

Weinor Awnings Brochure

Weinor Patio Roof Brochure.JPG

Weinor Patio Roof Brochure

Weinor Commercial Solutions Brochure.JPG

Weinor Commercial Solutions Brochure

Weinor Accessories Brochure.JPG

Weinor Accessories Brochure

Markilux Awning Brochures

Markilux Awning Brochure.JPG

Markilux Awnings Brochure

Markilux Veranda Awning Brochure.JPG

Markilux Veranda Awning Brochure

Markilux Window Awning Brochure.JPG

Markilux Window Awning Brochure

Markilux Awning Fabric Brochure.JPG

Markilux Awning Fabric Brochure

Awning Fabric Brochures

Dickson Awning Fabric Brochure.PNG

Dickson Awning Fabric Brochure

Dickson Awning Fabric Care Guide.JPG

Dickson Awning Fabric Care Guide

Weinor Awning Fabric Range.jpg

Weinor Awning Fabric Collection

10 tips on awning fabrics.PNG

Weinor 10 Tips on Awning Fabrics