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Weinor Kubata Awning in Yorkshire

The NEW Kubata patio awning from Weinor is cubic cassette awning that is linear, harmonious and minimalist, great for all modern gardens and properties in Yorkshire.

Always aesthetically pleasing. When open the Weinor Kubata has a high-quality textile feel. When closed the awning cassette creates clean lines against the building facade with it’s almost perfectly square shape. The fabric and other components are well protected from the elements.

Simple with no visible fixings. Weinor Kubata’s clear, uniform shape is not without reason. It stems from an overall aesthetic concept dominated by smooth surfaces. The awning cassette is enhanced by the clean appearance and no visible fixings – the result of weinor’s sophisticated technological developments.

The house and awning in harmony. Where does the building stop, where does the sunshade start? With the Weinor Kubata cassette awning the transitions are smooth. With its cubic shape it blends perfectly into modern house architecture as a stylish design element. The sun protection and facade form a balanced symbiosis that meets the highest aesthetic requirements.

High-quality modern fabrics and a large selection of frame colours accompany the Kubata’s clean design. Everything can be coordinated together wonderfully so the awning and house form one design element. The frame colours and fabric patterns also meet the highest quality standards.

Exclusive fabric quality. Choose your totally personal pattern from more than 140 fabrics. Whether it’s time - less neutral, harmonious or creative trends: we have just the right fabric to suit your taste at Weinor! And the innovative solution dyeing technology guarantees your fabric has long-lasting colour brilliance.

Well protected against the wet and dirt gusts from below. The all-round enclosed and robust awning cassette keeps the fabric and other component parts just as well protected from the elements as the controlled rain drainage within the front profile. As a result, you can enjoy your sun protection for many years. Kubata is fixed almost flush to the wall so that no rainwater or dirt makes the house wall dirty under the awning cassette.

Atmospheric light, powerful warmth Your options for great comfort: spend pleasant evenings on the patio under LED spotlights that can be dimmed infinitely and are integrated in the awning cassette. You can even enjoy your patio at cooler times with the Tempura Quadra Universal heating system. It can be retrofitted and is unobtrusively fitted to the house facade.

Top quality Anyone opting for weinor products can rely on top quality as well as clean and consistent design. Only high quality materials are used. The Kubata cubic cassette awning also sets standards with numerous technical highlights.

Get your New Weinor Kubata installed by Yorkshires Leading Weinor Dealer by contacting AMO Awnings today.

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