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Why are Primrose Awnings cheaper than awnings from Lakeland Awnings, Weinor and Markilux.

Below are several reasons why Primrose Awning are cheaper:

1. Primrose Awnings are mass produced in the Far East / China and shipped to the UK by the container load.

2. Primrose Awnings are only available in set sizes and are not bespoke or made to measure.

3. Primrose Awnings frames and brackets will be manufactured from recycled metals and aluminium.

4. The fabrics used on Primrose Awnings are not solution dyed, this means the colour will start to fade within 12 – 18 months.

5. Not all steel parts on Primrose Awnings are Stainless Steel causing them to rust after a short period of time.

6. Small choice of awning fabrics with a Primrose Awning. Generally, all the popular colours being out of stock with a long lead time until they are due back in stock.

7. Primrose Awnings are designed for the DIY market, meaning they are cheap to buy and easy to install as they are lightweight.

Primrose Awnings start at around £169.99 for a Budget Awning version at 2 metres wide and top out at £1,479.99 for an Electric Awning at 6 metres wide. A Patio Awning from Lakeland, Weinor or Markilux will range from as little as £999.99 and go all the way up to over £5,999.99. There is a big difference between these prices and that is because there is a big difference between the products.

An awning from Primrose Awnings is likely to be an impulse purchase due to its low value, whereas a patio awning from Lakeland, Weinor or Markilux will be a planned investment. The awning will look after you for many years and be problem free should you look after it.

That said, every product has a place in the market and not everyone is the same or has the same values of a certain product.

If you would like more information on the different types of awning and their applications, please feel free to contact us on 01924 412666 or to discuss them further.

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